Nishant Rana

Rooted in the earth and aiming for the sky is the best definition

After completing his schooling from D.P.S Vasant Kunj, he followed the unparalleled thirst of bringing his self-curated dreams into existence.

With the growing interest in knowing and understanding people’s needs and existence in life, he decided to move to Australia for pursuing Psychology from La Trobe University. “This was it! The ideal planned life with no plans of coming back to India, ever again!”, he recounts. From dissecting sheep brains to becoming independent at the age of 19, he toyed with his intuitiveness to know things inside out.

Inadvertently, with every day spent living ‘the plan’, a strange restlessness, a sense of discontent advanced. “I felt like I owed my world a lot more than I’d be able accomplish in the trajectory I was following”. Sticking to the instincts, he soon flew down to India. “My family stood by me like a rock and were all praise for the choice that I made. After all, they missed their source of entertainment”, he laughs it off.

Concluding an MBA in sales & marketing and becoming the first one from his batch to get campus-placed, pretty much marked his break-down-to-break-through-moment into the corporate landscape, hitting it off with an L&D company. While shuttling between the office and home, to travelling solo, he somewhere hit a chord with his inner calling to serve the society that he breathes in.

Intermission-ing his job amid all the soul searching, he realised that what, at once, he would have passed off as coincidences, now seemed to be some mere dots eagerly waiting to be connected. “I realised my happiness lies in making other people happy”, and so in an attempt to twin his inner desires with his outer deeds, here he is today, fostering his staunch belief in individualism, to strengthen the good within each one of us, through this initiative, TGW.

This is a dream to popularize the hidden miracles in all of us, to join the dots between intention and action. Anywhere. Everywhere. Let's begin!