“Inner to you, outer to this world, your Antaratma defines you and so it derives us”

The Good Within.

The Good Within is a heartfelt effort to evolve a positive aura where we pool our strengths to overpower others' weaknesses, to not let the cacophony of opinions drown out the inner voice. It is an inclination towards the individuals who put others before themselves.

In a bubble where one is often pushed, stretched, tested and made to wonder if there's anything to be grateful for, this is a platform where we extend an opportunity to grow and help others do the same, by offering this society something of ours that can make a difference in others' lives. At the heart of us, we wish to acknowledge and express our deepest admiration for the people who despite being wrapped up in balancing their own lives, go out and fill the world with hope by their small acts of kindness.

In a world where you're constantly asked to keep "adding", we here at TGW, want you to start "subtracting" to identify yourself. And while you're at it, we wish to multiply the good deposited inside you. Let us be your happiness diggers and give you a makeover from mind-full to mindful!

Our vision is to bring together, promote and be an inventory of people, communities and brands that love helping others reach their dreams by broadening the good deposited inside them.

The Good Within is an online platform to publicize and advertise the individuals, communities and companies that are doing good for the society. We use different channels ( like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Blogs etc ) to promote, advertise and market ourselves and the brands associating with us. The intention behind our work is to encourage the socially responsible individuals and companies by publishing the content around the same and spread the goodwill in our society.